September 25, 2014

Lashes: Love & Loathe

As I sit in a restaurant wondering what my next blog discussion will be, I overhear two mothers talking about how beautiful and long their kids’ lashes are. Also, how women would pay big bucks for those. Let me stop by telling you that I have a love hate relationship with my lashes. They are very straight. To the point where they, well, point downwards. If I had a full face of makeup on with no lashes, I may as well wash my face off and then head out the door. Mascara absolutely completes every look. Here’s the love part….I love love LOVE Shu Eumera’s eyelash curler. Its a must for me. I actually buy a bunch at a time online since they are no longer in the US. Its the only product to get those suckers to stand up. So, here’s the hate part… It took me many years to find the perfect mascara. Every top selling brand failed on me. They all weighed my perfectly Shu curled, erect (whoa.) lashes down. I guess the formulas were very thick, which for people with normal, well behaved lashes was probably what made their lashes look amazing. Another thing I should mention is that I am 100% committed to waterproof formulas. My eyes get irritated easily and I’m paranoid of a potential raccoon look. I’ll spare you the long list of what I’ve tried and just give you my faves: 

Lancôme Definiciles Waterproof in Black for my every day look
Lancôme Hypnose Drama Waterproof in Black for when I want big fatty lashes
The only cons with these, and I’m assuming probably most waterproof formulas, is that they flake a little bit and are difficult to get off. I currently use Dior’s makeup remover which is the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever used. It will last you a long time and your lashes will love you long time ;)

Love M

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